Thailand Mapping Solutions
Interactive with tourist attractions : Edition 2

add hotel . edit hotel . highlight hotel

T R Y   M A P
view maps at home for FREE or
try installing maps on website for ONE month

get maps
copy CODE below and paste on text editor e.g. NOTEPAD
save file as "filename.htm" on your local drive
("filename" as your preference)

view maps
connect to the Internet
double click the saved file

config maps
without config, default map is "Global Thailand"
to change default -> SUPPORT

(permanently install maps on website -> REGISTER)

<SCRIPT LANGUAGE="javascript">
var _c="Anonymous";
var _l="E";
var _p="p";
var _m="Thailand";
var _e="2";
var _n="nz1";
var _d="";
var _z="MMflash5";
var _y="y65_wc";
var _x="xy4421l";

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