Thailand Mapping Solutions
Interactive with tourist attractions : Edition 2

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1. How much does it cost ?
    It is absolutely FREE.
2. How long would it be free?
    As long as this website still exists.
3. How to get code of free maps?
    For a website, go to register.
    For an individual user, go to get map.
4. Any conditions to use free maps?
    Suppose you insert aTHAILANDmap on page, please
    make a link from your own HOME page to
    That's all. No link to required.
5. I don't have a website. Can I get free maps?
    Yes. If you are an individual user, you don't have to register.
    Just get map and browse maps from home.

1. I regist with "Thailand" as default map - can I change it?
    Yes, you can. Just edit code line
        var _m="Thailand";
    by replacing Thailand with the map name of your choice.
    Make sure line var _p="p"; represent correct package.
    p=Province b=Bangkok g=Golf i=Sea
    Consulting page Support recommended.
2. How to get the arrow pointing on a particular spot (mark a place) on map?
    To mark a place, just edit code line
        var _n="nz1";
    by replacing nz1 with the name of the target place. Correct spelling is essential.
    Technical instruction on highlighting is provided at Support.

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