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background : : is a Thailand map provider. Our product, aTHAILANDmap is provided to client websites. Maps are provided live online from server directly to your website and published under your environment.
We create systematic maps integrated with interactive tourist information. These graphical maps are easy to read.
Besides existing packages - PROVINCE, BANGKOK, GOLF, and SEA, we are moving forward to creating other specialty ones such as CITY, FOREST, ect. This is an attempt to make sure that our clients would have variety choices of consistent-appearance maps for their websites.
aTHAILANDmap is developed by a Bangkok-based team comprising illustrators, cartographers, programmers, designers, and travel wizs. Initiated in 1998 by a Thai architect, Sungkhakorn Boonchuan, as his hobby, the project was later taken seriously. Staff members, one by one, joined the team doing data acquisition, illustration, and copy writing. After two years, the beta edition in JPEG+HTML was completed, tested and revised. Edition 1 was marketed in November 2000. Edition 2 has just been launched in December 2001 with continual development.

Wekhin Boonchuan
(MS Fin - U of Texas - USA / B Econ - Thammasat University - Bangkok)
Wekhin started his career as a marketing analyst in Siam City Cement in Bangkok. Then moved to Commercial Union Insurance company and works there as a business analyst for 3 years before he moved to Texas for 2 years study in Finance at the University of Texas. Wekhin was back to Bangkok and has practised his professional career as a finance consultant while getting around online business.

Kiatichai Buranasiri
(B Arch LA - Chulalongkorn University - Bangkok)
Kiatichai is keen in marketing and product design. He started his career in 1984 in an advertising firm and has continued practising in this business for nearly 15 years. As an architect, he always integrates "marketing ideas" to his creativity. He joins the team as an executive who weaves marketing psychology into our maps.

Sungkhakorn Boonchuan
(MS CM/CAD - U of Kansas - USA / B Arch - Chulalongkorn University - Bangkok)
Sungkhakorn is a travel-loving guy who started his career in 1984 as a construction inspector at a Military Sport Club before practicing his professional career as an architect in Terra architectural firm.   He later performed production management in a metal door/window frame industry before moving to USA to do his MS study in another field he loves, CAD.   Moving back to Thailand in 1989, Sungkhakorn resumed his professional as the Director of Design at Terra again and for eleven years.   Though travelling a lot, this fuzzy guy had never been satisfied with any guide maps - so made one of his own - in AutoCAD.   When the Internet has become talk of the town, he switched to HTML and Adobe.   With his skills of design and planning, his collection of maps is now marketed.

Khetkhan Yotphring
(B Arch - Chulalongkorn University - Bangkok)
Khetkhan is a travel wiz.   As an architect, he always sticks to his professional career - though "working in place" is not his policy.   The road is his second home.   Khetkhan has joined the team as his part-time job since 1998.

Ian Jackson
(BA Geography - Chulalongkorn University - Bangkok)
Ian has been a travel maniac since he was a freshmen at the School of Arts. He was a teaching assistant in the Remote Sensing course at the School of Science. The main reason he joined our team is that the job gives him the chance to travel around while persuing his career as a cartographer.

Tossapol Anchalichamaikon
(BS Computer Science - KMIT North Bangkok University - Bangkok)
Tossapol had been the server administrator of King Mongkut Institute of Technology - North Bangkok when he was undergratuate student. He joined the team after his gratuation while still sticks to the Computer Lab of the institute as his part-time job.

Ratcha Chaitosa
(B Computer Science - Bangkok University - Bangkok)

Siraprapha Chumnumphan
(BS Computer Science - KMIT NorthBangkok University - Bangkok)

Phakawan wongwuthiphonchai
(BS Computer Science - KMIT NorthBangkok University - Bangkok)

Naphaphon Niphanophadon
(BS Computer Science - KMIT NorthBangkok University - Bangkok)

Watchara Prichawanitwong
(BS Computer Science - KMIT NorthBangkok University - Bangkok)

Krairoek Wiratecha
(B Communication Arts - Bangkok University - Bangkok)

Putsayarat Phumthong
(BS Computer Science - Rachabhat Chankasem Institute - Bangkok)

Phanida Charothok
(BA English - Chulalongkorn University - Bangkok)

Kesini KhunAnek
(BA English - Chulalongkorn University - Bangkok)

Phitsamai Chueachit
(BA Thai - Chulalongkorn University - Bangkok)

Benchawan Yammuean
(MA Jounalism - U. of Tech - Sydney / MSBA Marketing - Chulalongkorn University - Bangkok / MS Botany - School of Science, Chulalongkorn University)
Benchawan was the Head of Marketing Department at North Eastern Agriculture Company for several years before she became General Manager at Classic Hana Company. She started her job at Dear Book Company as the Accounting Director before she got promoted as Head of Creative Group there. Benchawan joined the team as the Marketing Development & Strategy manager.

Lakkhana Wan
(BA Marketing - Chulalongkorn University - Bangkok)

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