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  WHAT ?

what : : easy-to-read well-illustrated interactive maps with fully graphic interface integrated with tourist attractions & places of interest like golf courses, hotels, restaurants, transportations etc.


interactive : : Maps are geographical interfaced.
Areas highlighted on mouse over.
Link to other maps when clicked.
Places of interest available.
Concise description shown on click.
self nevigated : : Map structure organized in hierarchy.
Sense of direction maintained with users.
No text click required though names available.
any maps : : Use any and as many of 180 free maps.
Regist with any default map and change later
any pages : : Insert maps in unlimited web pages of your site.
After regist, copy+paste code to any webpages
travel info : : maps are integrated with tourist info - each linked to concise description.
place mark : : Load map with a selected place marked.
(e.g. link your info page of "Wat PhraKaeo" to our Bangkok Old City map and get the location of Wat PhraKaeo on map marked)
see example.   see how.
nice graphic : : map graphics designed for non-technocrat users.
readable : : Nice, clear & easy to read graphic.
Sufficient info but not a mess.
fit width : : 450 px width fits well in most web pages

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aTHAILANDmap Edition 2 comes in 4 packages.

PROVINCE : : 1 Thailand map, 4 regions, 18 zones, 76 provinces
BANGKOK : : 4 Bangkok maps, 12 zones, 7 spot maps
GOLF : : 1 Thailand map and 7 golf zone maps
SEA : : 1 Thailand map, 5 zones, 19 provincial coasts , 33 beaches & islands

full list


live map : : Maps are online loaded live from aTHAILAND server to your website
easy install : : Just cut & paste provided code into your target web page(s) - as easy as most free counters do
First of all, go to register
save space : : All maps are store on server
so saving space of yours
auto update : : Images, info, and features continually upgraded on our server with no need to update on yours


how free : : Free on all 180 maps of Edition 2 as seen on this website.
how to : : websites -> register and insert code to your pages.
individual users -> get code and have FREE maps at home.
conditions : : Your website provides at least one of your map-installeded webpages linked from your HOME page. full conditions
ขอให้มีอย่างน้อย 1 หน้า (ที่ใช้บริการแผนที่นี้) เชื่อมจากหน้าหลัก (HOME) ของเว็บไซต์ท่านเอง เงื่อนไขละเอียด


we do tailor-made aTHAILANDmap to suit your specific needs (pay services).

node : : Replace our standard sets of points of interest with your own sets e.g. restaurants of your selections, your branch offices, outlets, dealers.

Then, exclusively use this modified maps on pages of your website.

link : : Get a point (symbol) on our standard map linked to ัyour web page in full screen. All users see this page instead of our tiny popup window.

Example :

If your business is a hotel, link the symbol on map showing your location to your website

If your business is room reservation, link hotel symbols to your info pages of those hotels
include maps on your web pages and link symbols to your client hotels.

Bulk rates available for room-reservation websites.

map : : Get maps created for your personal use to fit your specific requirement.



Support section provides technical information on how to get maximum use out of aTHAILANDmap

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